our people

The Zimbabwe Mission Partnership board of directors is comprised of all volunteer representatives

from the various partner churches. None of these volunteers receive any remuneration for their work.

They cover their own travel expenses, even for trips to Zimbabwe. Officers of the board are elected  for limited terms. 

Each member church gets one vote. The board meets regularly to plan and implement strategies for

fundraising and ongoing development of HCOC. 

On the ground in Zimbabwe is a volunteer executive committee made up of local Zimbabweans

and a small paid staff of Zimbabweans who manage and run the day-to-day operations of

Heather Chimhoga Orphan Care.

  • susan jones

    moderator, zmp board

    Susan has been serving on the board for nearly eight years and has been the moderator for two years. She will be making her second trip to Zimbabwe this spring and is deeply committed to bringing hope to the orphans and vulnerable children at Heather Chimhoga Orphan Care. Susan can be contacted at sjoneszmp@gmail.com or 303-929-1133.

  • deanna heyn

    Vice moderator, zmp board

    Deanna is vice moderator in charge of Zimbabwe relations and banking (deposits of incoming donations and wire transfers for funding of orphan care activities). She has been involved with the ZMP board since 2007 and was moderator for several years. She recently returned from her fourth trip to Zimbabwe. You can send donations to ZMP, c/o Deanna Heyn, 1151 Eagle Drive #185, Loveland CO 80537. You can reach her at deannaheyn@gmail.com or 303-396-2130.

  • erin Knoettgen-nap

    vice moderator, zmp boarD

    Erin is vice moderator in charge of fundraising efforts. She can be reached at rideteamzim@gmail.com or 303-498-0362.

  • Albert mukondwa

    ceo, hcoc

    Albert Mukondwa was born in Zimbabwe and has lived there his entire life. He became the first and only project manager/ceo in 2008. Since then, Albert has overseen the creation and maintenance of the infrastructure needed to support orphan services, and the building of a trusted staff.  He also developed the policies and procedures necessary to ensure a well-managed organization and a culture of accountability among employees, Albert's wife, Beauty, was also hired in 2008 (see below). The Mukondwa family has made incredible sacrifices over the years to serve the orphans in this community.

  • beauty mukondwa

    nurse, hcoc

    Before 2008, orphans were being buried at an alarming rate. But Beauty Mukondwa changed all that. That's her on the left with Florence, her nurse's aid. Today we can say there have been no orphan deaths in many years, while the number of orphans served by HCOC has risen dramatically.