team zimbabwe

Thank you team zimbabwe!

more than 130 riders raised

more than $60,000 (unofficially)

to help orphans and vulnerable children

at heather chimhoga orphan care!

you rocked at the 30th annual

subaru elephant rock cycling festival!

anyone still wishing to donate can still do so.

just click the link below. 

Albert Mukondwa says thank you! 

This year, we were blessed to have Albert, who is CEO of HCOC, here to cheer us on. That's him at left, with Liz Jansch of Parker, CO, this year's second "youngest" rider.

Albert took every opportunity to make clear how very, very, very grateful he is for everything Team Zimbabwe has accomplished. He was so glad to be here and thank people in person. 

If you would like to help add to the total raised, you can still do that. Just click this link.



Maude, an orphan living with her grandmother, and whose life was recently saved through the efforts of HCOC and the ZMP, has sent her personal thanks, as well. For her story, click here.

and we want to thank our generous sponsors!

Thank you Patient NOW, Primal Wear, Wendy's, Porter Seal Denver, gopixel, and Sustainable Traffic Solutions. You have made a huge difference in the lives of Maude and 800 other orphans and vulnerable children. You sponsors rock!