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Our Mission:


The purpose of the Zimbabwe Mission Partnership (ZMP) is to provide a venue for participating churches and the wider community to work together to enhance the habitation, nutrition, public health, education and spiritual development of the orphans of Zimbabwe, primarily in Ward 1 of the Murewa North District at Heather Chimhoga Orphan Care (HCOC).  We accomplish this through our partnership with the HCOC Board and staff

urgent need for new clinic

With one room and a small storage area, with no electricity or running hot water, 

and with only the most basic supplies and drugs, the clinic at Heather Chimhoga Orphan Care

has been providing first aid, treatment for minor ailments, and life-saving care

for HIV-positive children for years.  Now, unless a new clinic can be built in another location

and be registered with the government, the clinic is in danger of losing AIDS medication

and other vital supplies provided by UNICEF.

The clinic is staffed by one nurse (Beauty) and one nurse aide (Florence) who work tirelessly to educate,

treat and refer patients, even making "house calls" to help ensure the health of their patients.

When more urgent care is needed, they transport the children many bumpy miles to the nearest hospital or clinic,

accompanying them and advocating for them as needed.

But without supplies from UNICEF these two dedicated women will be helpless in the

face of such overwhelming need.

The good news: HCOC has a new site and is ready to build when resources become available.

They have help from within the country of Zimbabwe and a Colorado architectural firm

is donating design and engineering services. It will take approximately $75,000 to build

a simple, but adequate clinic which will meet all the requirements to register the clinic

and secure UNICEF deliveries. Will you help?

To "donate a brick" for $100 and have your name inscribed

on a permanent plaque at the entrance to the new clinic, simply click the link below.